2020-2021 Schedule Change

2020-2021 Schedule Change

Students and Parents:

Please note that changes may not be completed prior to school opening. Students are to attend and participate in the course listed on their schedule while waiting on the outcome of the schedule change request.  Schedule changes will be reviewed and finalized during the first 6 days of the school year.

Schedule Change Considerations

Top priority will be given to students with schedules containing the issues listed below. Changes in electives may not be granted due to class size, balance, and original requests being met. Please know that some students have been scheduled into their first or second alternate choice.

1. You have failed a class.

2. You have taken this class in the summer

3. You are a senior who needs a course to meet graduation requirements.

4. You have not met the prerequisite for a scheduled class.

5. There is a current health issue that requires a change in schedule.

6. Inappropriate academic placement.

7. If the placement was an error on the school’s part such as something you actually had not requested.

8. The Course has a strong hands-on component and you are learning in the virtual option.

Schedule Change Form