Blended Model At A Glance

Blended Model At A Glance

Students in the blended learning model will come to CCHS and participate in course instruction through a digital/virtual classroom using our digital course content, as well as have daily opportunities to receive instructional assistance from certified teachers each day they are in the building. Each of the students’ four classes will be 80 minutes in length.  Between each class session, students will be provided with a 30-minute break where students will be able to move out of their classroom and in many instances have time to go outside to enjoy the fresh air.  This time will be appropriately supervised along with the expectation of having proper social distancing.   

Each student will be in a cohort group (as recommended by CDC guidelines) and this cohort will be assembled together for the majority of the school day to complete coursework. Certain classes will meet in person such as NJROTC, chorus, and band. 

Due to the number of students who have requested virtual instruction as well as the number of students who requested blended instruction, in addition to the number of teachers that it requires to provide specific course needs for 1500 high school students; it is not plausible for us to meet the specific instructional needs of both groups of students without a special school design. The way in which we have organized the school day for our students will offer the consistency that is necessary for all students to have teacher-led instruction 4 days a week as well as the independent learning on Wednesdays where parents/students may virtually contact teachers with their academic concerns/questions.  

Please note that the method of scheduling for high school courses is quite different from elementary and middle schools.  In elementary and middle schools students are able to stay together as a whole group and have teachers rotate to different classes. This is because all students need the same ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies content. An example of high school is as follows:

Students who are taking the same English class for 1st block, more than 75% of the students in that course will have different 2nd block classes.  Some students in their schedules will report to a science class, or a math class.  Their science class may be Environmental Science, Biology 1 College Prep., or Biology 1 Honors.  Other students reporting to a math class may report to Algebra 1 College Prep, Algebra 1 Honors, or Geometry College Prep or Geometry Honors, and other students from the same 1st block class may report to Physical Education. 

Please note that the above example just represents students from one first block class.  Imagine having 75 classes occurring at the first block and the split of students when they leave their first block and move to their second block class.  These unique scheduling needs of students to take classes that are needed to meet their individual graduation requirements is one additional reason that the daily schedule for the high school is quite different from the elementary and middle schools.

I understand that these options are not the most desirable. However, the conditions that our society finds itself in today are unprecedented and undesirable as well. The health and well- being of teachers and students are being considered to mitigate exposure to the novel COVID-19 virus. In addition to scheduling needs for students, teachers, as well as staff needs were taken into consideration when structuring this learning model.  CCHS will continue in its efforts to provide the best educational environment (virtual or face-to-face) for all students. Our desired goals are to ensure that all students have access to an equitable opportunity to have a solid educational experience in whatever learning model they have chosen.

If you would like to discuss this matter, please send me an email at and I will be sure to respond to your request.